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Western Region

Fort St. Anthonio – Axim

Fort Saint Anthonio is located at Axim in the Western Region of Ghana as the second fort to be built by the Portuguese. It is located on Manfro Hill 5km west of Friederichsburg. Fort Anthonio is the second fort to be built by the Portuguese. It was built after the Portuguese abandoned their trade post due to frequent attacks by the locals in Axim and its environs. The Portuguese wanted to be the main dealers in the goods at the time. The trade posts were therefore built in 1503 close to river Ankobra to facilitate this ambition. The frequent attacks made this monopoly difficult somewhat. The Portugueses later left the country.

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Nzulezu Village

The Amanzuri Wetlands have a lot to offer visitors who have an interest for Ghanaian tourism. In that area alone there are four different tourist attraction sites; The Meandah, the Nzulezu village on water, Benyin and the Cruise for visitors.

Trip to the ‘Village on water’ nzulezo11

There are hand crafted wooden canoes and well-educated tour guides to take visitors through the village.The Nzulezo village is over five hundred years old. About 90km on the West of  Takoradi is situated the Nzulezu village in the center of the Amanzuri Lake. It is called the ‘village on the surface’ of water because most of the housing units are built on stilts. Therefore to make a trip to and through the village one needs a dugout canoeThe village is well known for its natural presence, flora and fauna. The most obvious one is the Amansuri Lake located within this “paradise”. The village welcomes visitors on all days to its serenity.The best time to visit this village and experience what it is like is in the rainy season (April to September). In the dry season part of the Lake are dry and therefore visitors would need to walk in the muddy path . The canoes are paddled by guards employed for this purpose. These guards are under the control of the tourism office in Beyin.

[PSGallery=3xf0gl4wd] Meandah Exploration

For visitors interested in seeing different crocodile species in Ghana, such as the Nile, Dwarf and the Long Snout crocodiles the Meandah is a good place to be. Aside the crocodiles, there are different kinds of birds to sing into your ears.

Cruise on the Sea

In the Amansuri Wetlands, the sea contoured by lines of attractive coconut trees can be seen and admired by visiting tourists. On some days, visitors get the chance to see jelly fishes and dolphins especially in the latter parts of the year. Other visitors who can muster the courage can have a swim in the ocean from the side of a boat. For those who do not have such courage, there is the option of renting the boat individually or in groups. There is also an opportunity to have an exciting moment riding off-shore in large wooden ships with board motors.

Benyin Beaches

The village of Benyin has a very popular chop bar where visitor often throng to get their favorite Ghanaian dishes. Not too far is the Fort Apollonia which was used for slave trade in the olden days. Those who visit the fort get the chance to learn more about the history of the slave trade in Ghana. The beach is available to visitors who would want to enjoy the beautiful sand and enjoy coconut juice under the shade.

At certain times of the year, sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs on the beaches and the Benyin beach gets lots of these turtles. The sea turtles that come to the Benyin shores are of three kinds; Leather backs, Olive Ridley, and Green Sea Turtles.


Ghana Wildlife Society supervises and preserves the natural environment in these tourist attraction sites. Visitors who are interested in going sight-seeing at the Amanzuri wetlands can get accommodation with very lovely guesthouses in the area. There are also different cuisines and entertaining drinking spots scattered all over the site.

For more information about these very interesting places contact the Ghana Wild Life on Phone: 233-(0)21-665197/663500 E-mail: ghanawild@4u.com Website:www.wildlifesociety.org.gh

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Fort Batenstein

Fort Batenstein is located at Butre east of Cape Three Point (where Ghana recently discovered oil in commercial quantities). It was built by the Dutch in the 17th century. It is located on top of a steep hill and this advantage made Fort Batenstein seem invincible by enemies and invaders. The Fort is old now and looks unattended to from afar

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Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

In the Past few months the Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary has received some encouraging visits from the general public. It is one of the most peaceful sanctuaries in Ghana where man co-exists with monkeys with little misunderstandings. The sanctuary is called the Bubeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary because it can be found in between the Fiema and Buabeng villages where more than 700 monkeys live. The main monkey types in the sanctuary are the Pied Columbus monkey and the Mona monkey. The Mona monkeys are more than their other counterparts , are vegetarians and are browner in color. The other species however are number about 200 in total and are not brown but rather black and white. Lots of visitors come to the Monkey sanctuary for sightseeing, leisure and academic purposes. There are laws preventing the hunting of these wonderful monkeys and as such they multiply in number with time. The monkeys can be seen interacting with the citizens of the Fiema and Buabeng villages. These monkeys even sometimes go into kitchens and eat any food they can find. They have learnt not to shy away from humans because of the cordial relationship they exists between them and the human counterparts. They have lived in these areas for more than a century. A visit to the Monkey sanctuary presents visitors with a real life time experience with the monkeys who are very friendly especially after they are presented with bananas which is their favorite.

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